About Jersey Cyber Security Centre

Jersey Cyber Security Centre (JCSC) promotes and improves the Island’s cyber resilience. Our team of experts support our critical national infrastructure, business communities, and citizens to prepare, defend and respond to cyber attacks in Jersey.

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What we do

We support Jersey in several different ways.

  • We monitor information on global cyber threats that may pose a risk to the Island. Where we need to, we take action to prepare, protect, and defend Jersey.
  • We manage information security incidents. A security incident is any incident where the information systems of an organisation or individual have been subject to unauthorised access, modification, or destruction. Find out more about how we manage incidents.
  • We discover and manage vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities in an information system can be exploited to cause an information security incident. When we find a vulnerability, we analyse it, share information about it, and coordinate a response to it, where it’s appropriate. Our Jersey Cyber Shield service brings together our work on managing vulnerabilities to protect Island organisations.
  • We provide independent oversight of Jersey’s overall cyber risk. We do this through regular reporting which we produce independently. This includes through the production of the Cyber Benchmark Survey.
  • We share knowledge to increase Jersey’s cyber resilience. We do this by sharing news about risks and threats, running training and events, and producing guidance and information. We also provide tailored information and guidance for the Government of Jersey, critical national infrastructure and businesses.
  • We protect Jersey’s cyber security reputation by ensuring that we meet the appropriate best practice standards for cyber security.  By sharing best practice and promoting the relevant cyber security standards, we give organisations the tools they need to defend themselves against cyber attacks.

Beginning section Our History

Our History

Jersey Cyber Security Centre (JCSC) was established in 2021 by the Minister for Sustainable Economic Development, in response to the Government of Jersey’s Cyber Security Strategy.

Since 2021, we have operated at arms’ length from Government. We are not a regulator or a law enforcement authority, although we do work closely with regulators and with the States of Jersey Police when we need to. Instead, we provide free and confidential advice on cyber security, as well as support when appropriate.

Outside of Jersey, we operate as part of an international cyber emergency response network, which give us access to the latest intelligence and expertise.

Our role is more clearly defined by the draft Cyber Security Law, which is due to be debated by the States Assembly in 2024. If the Law is approved, it will give the JCSC access to more expertise, as well as more independence and accountability.