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Cyber security is a complex field that moves quickly, so it’s vital that our team stay up-to-date.  To provide the best possible service for Jersey, we work with several partners. This includes partners on-Island, as well as partners further afield.

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Beginning section Our partners in Jersey

Our partners in Jersey

Our partners in Jersey help us reach more Islanders, so that we can encourage more people to take the needed cyber security measures.

Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum

JCSC is a member of the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum.

The Forum includes Government, States of Jersey Police, businesses, telecoms companies, and regulators. It aims to protect Islanders from frauds and scams through a coordinated approach.

Members of the Forum share information about scams with each other, and with the public. This includes through a regular newsletter, via Facebook, and at public events.

Find out more about the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum.

The Islands Data Governance Forum (IDGF)

The Islands Data Governance Forum brings together people who work in data governance and data security. The Forum organises regular networking events, talks and conferences. IDGF has members in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

Data protection and cyber security are closely linked. Because of this, we work with IDGF to promote events for professionals in both areas.

Find out more about the Islands Data Governance Forum.

Channel Islands Information Security Forum (CIISF)

The Channel Islands Information Security Forum is for people working in cyber security. This includes people who focus on cyber security as part of their role. It also includes people in non-cyber security roles who want to understand the topic.

The CIISF holds regular networking, education and development events. These give members the chance to share ideas and increase their knowledge. Through these events, the CIISF aims to develop the cyber profession across the Channel Islands.

You can find out more about the CIISF via their website, X, and LinkedIn.

We work with CIISF to organise the annual Channel Islands Cyber Security Conference. The next Conference will take place on 17 October 2024. Visit our Events page to find out more.

Jersey Charitable Skills Pool

CIISF runs the Jersey Charitable Skills Pool (JCSP) to support the third sector. Businesses with cyber security staff can donate up to ten hours of staff time per year. This time is pooled into one resource, and charities and not-for-profits can apply to the pool for support.

Organisations can ask for technical support with a specific cyber security task. They can also ask for staff training and advice. Organisations in both Jersey and Guernsey can apply to the JCSP.

Find out more about the JCSP.

Beginning section Our partners further afield

Our partners further afield

Cyber attackers work across borders and industries. Working in partnership with global organisations means that we can access the latest cyber security information.

Forum of Incident Security Response Teams (FIRST)

FIRST is a forum for the teams who plan for – and respond to – cyber security incidents. (These teams are known as incident response teams.) Members of FIRST work around the world in government, education, and private business. The Forum shares knowledge through regular classes, conferences and publications.

JCSC is currently an associate FIRST member, and we are working towards full membership.

Being a FIRST member means that our team has access to a wide global network. We use the information and knowledge we gain through FIRST to improve our work and better protect Jersey.

Find out more about FIRST.


TF-CSIRT is an association of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs). TF-CSIRT supports CSIRTs in different European countries to work together.

TF-CSIRT also registers and accredits CSIRTs like JCSC, and produces standards for CSIRTS to follow. TF-CSIRT also provides regular training for members.

JCSC is one of 250 accredited members of TF-CSIRT. This which means that we have access to information and guidance from hundreds of organisations who can support our work.

Find out more about TF-CSIRT.

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

The UK’s NCSC has a similar role to JCSC. Its role is to prevent cyber attacks on the UK and respond to them. It also provides information, advice and guidance for individuals and businesses.

Like JCSC, NCSC works with law enforcement, defence and intelligence and security agencies.

JCSC and NCSC have similar roles and similar goals. Because of this, we have a good working relationship with the NCSC. This includes working together if a major cyber security incident happens.

Find out more about the NCSC.

Beginning section Supplying JCSC

Supplying JCSC

If you currently supply JCSC with goods or services, or would like to supply us in the future, you can find more information and guidance here.