Jersey cyber security suppliers

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If you need help or support with your cyber security, Jersey has a number of local cyber security providers who may be able to assist you. You can also contact us for advice on procuring cyber security services and solutions.

Please note: Jersey Cyber Security Centre does not verify or endorse suppliers. We have compiled this list based on the information given by the providers.

If you would like us to include you on this list, please contact us. We will need confirmation of the services you provide, confirmation that you are established and insured in Jersey, and confirmation that you have on-site capability to support organisations in Jersey.

These companies are accredited to deliver CyberEssentials assessments in Jersey:

Company Contact Number Website
Clarity 01534 711300
CyberTec Security 01534 715260
Prosperity 24/7 01534 877247
Resolution IT 01534 720265


If you can’t find what you need locally, you can find more suppliers in the UK: